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Thank you, ill take note of this, my store is now having some work done and is looking really good completely different from what I've done
I will take note of this thank you
I will take note of this, my site is now having some work done by someone. so far from what I can see its looking good and I can't wait to use it
just though I'd let you all know that I'm now working with someone to update and finalise my site
Thank you, and yeah I would love to hear some of the feedback please
Thank you, I've taken notes of these, I am running ads on google, doing £0.75 per day, and thank you Ill keep that in mind
thanks, what else do I need to improve on for the homepage
I don't think so, not sure what I need to do, to do that.
hi, ive asked this before and I thought id done everything I needed to attempt to improve sales, however I'm still not getting sales at the moment, where else I'm going wrong?My website is not very good at website building or...
Thank you I will look into these, I have now added a sticky header
Ok I have added reviews that I had on my etsy store which is not many. I will see what I can do about the sizing, thought I already sorted the sizing to a smaller size but might of not
Ok what third party editor would you recommend?
Im getting plenty of traffic but not getting any sales, what am i doing wrong?my website is think I’ve set it up correctly, I’m trying to keep costs down.Am looking into local web designers and/or SEO developers to ensure ever...
Thanks, i have taken notes, i am still learning about marketing at the moment. In the last month i have has 358 people come to my website, 3 cart sessions , and 2 reached checkout 
Thank you have taken notes, am speaking to an expert to redesign my website
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