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sorry was away cant reply can use reserve namespace and define it private and storefront access. 
Yes you are right. useAppmeta is a hook. I was refering to your code and you need a hook to the data point. app metafield cannot be read in on checkoutUI as what I understand.  If u use shop meta, it can be easily mutated by iQL by anyone, if i m not...
you need to setup a hook to wait for the metafield data as it may take sometime to load in. Or, use await new promise(settimeout()..) but not the right way   
 I am creating an apps that require to inject code on the order status page with checkout UI upon checkout and from what I read in the documentation,  the Thank you & Order status extension is available to all plans except starter. as below;  But on ...
I have the same error after idling for a short while.Was working ok before I upgrade shopify cli. Error: GraphQL Error (Code: 401): {"response":{"error":"","status":401,"headers":{}},"request":{"query":"\n query FindApp($apiKey: String!) {\n app(apiK...
Hi Edaroit,Thks for the prompt reply.was a little confused with the doc as it says not supported. It''s working now with appinstallation.Thks 
I've created App owned metafield and able to access the  Json value in liquid on my app extension.When I queried the GraphQL API using - privateMetafields(owner:"gid://shopify/AppInstallation/397455098112",first:2), I keep getting error 'Internal err...
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