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Hello, I'm stumped - I'm not sure why my blog section articles are all having this huge font size instead of a much smaller font size. I tried finding in my template-blog.liquid for any clues of font size but there's nothing. I suspect  can tweak som...
Oh gosh, this is a lifesaver haha! Thanks for the < guidance. But I don't know why the blog article font is still this big, it wasn't like this before. It used to be smaller instead of the currently enlarged version - any idea how I can fix this? Tha...
Need help here...I'm not sure why there is this code appearing at the top of the website: https://beautyfoomall.com/blogs/newsclass="template-article block-title__cb product-actions-center quick-actions-rect vnd-sls-dots-diff-2 vnd-cd__text-center vn...
Ahh okay, found the solution and managed to add the bio at the bottom of the article finally with some styling. 
Hello, I've been following this thread https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/blog-post-author-and-bio/td-p/341507 to understand how to add author bio on Shopify blog at the bottom of article. I have added this code {% include 'author-bio' %}...
Yes correct, it's mainly to add custom button on blog posts. But I don't want to copy paste the same HTML code and styling for every blog post I have, so was wondering if I can keep the code in the theme editor and only call if I need to use? Is that...
Hi, I'm trying to add a custom button to my theme's editor (using Venedor 2.0 theme by the way), but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to create a new file under Snippets or elsewhere, so I can call my code in my blog posts instead of copypasting the same...
I see, thanks for the clarification Olivia! 
Hi, I've been checking the Themes section for a long time, yet I can't seem to find how I can edit the existing Details tab for Product pages. I'm managing site on behalf of someone else, but as far as permissions are concerned, I should be able to e...
Ahh, why didn't I think of this...thanks so much! Problem resolved 
I've tried searching for similar questions on the forum but to no avail...I need some pointers to fix the table border issue with my blog posts. I tried to look into the HTML code and it's like this:<table width="624"><tbody><tr><td width="312"><p><s...
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