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Hi, I used this code and everything went central, apart from the product brand. I need everything to go central, like the image below, and then everything after the add to cart and shop buttons, to remain to the left. please see attached images!   
Is there anyone that can help me on this?
 When I don’t have an image on a product, all the product detail is centred and it’s perfect. When I upload an image, everything shifts to the left, minus the add to cart button. That remains centred! How do I keep it all centred? https://healingandh...
Hi, I have tried reaching out to shopify as this is obviously an issue with the theme aesthetically but they aren't willing to help.  I have just moved over to new customer accounts and it advises that the log in page, takes your logo from your check...
I haven't had a resolve from this! Could someone get back to me please? 
Accepted thank you!
Please can you request! Thank you!
Hi, this code didn’t work?
How can I see live?
I have the DOB in sign up but come to realise it doesn’t actually work? Canyou help with this?
Hi, this coding was sent to me on this forum. I have messaged them regarding this but they haven’t got back to me? I have had the pop ups previously and there hasn’t been an issue?
That looks better. Do they function correctly like that?
The basket needs to come in to the left, the search icon to the right, and the logo to the right? X
Ok so can they be made the same as they don’t look the same, then the logo slightly smaller but bigger than what it is on my live site!?
The shopping basket icon bigger to match the search button please? And the logo can go slightly smaller 
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