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Hello Martin, According to your requirements, you can check out these apps from the Shopify app store:- 1. Order Delivery Date by Identixweb 2. Order Tagger ‑ Auto Tags Flow  Feel free to ask any questions Thank youLeith
Hello Martin,Hope you are doing great  Correct me if I am wrong, you want to forecast the amount of product or quantity to have in a given span of time? If possible, can you please explain a little bit more regarding your request?Thank youLeith
Hello, As it seems that it is a problem from the developer's end, kindly check whether the app is available or not.You can also try login using an incognito window or clear data from your browser Let me know if you need any help Thank youLeith
Hello Garg, Are you going to add the theme extension code on the cart or any other page other than the product description page too? If yes, you can fetch the data using you own created API on the other pages that the customers have input on the prod...
Hello Dafbuenoca, I suggest you follow this official Shopify tutorial for the OAuth process:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3iO4mZHgLk Thank youLeith
Hello Dmzg10, Shopify promotes the development of embedded apps as they are inside the Shopify admin and easy for merchants to access. But still, you can create Standalone apps like we used to create other web applications with just normal OAuth proc...
Hello Steve,There will be very less chance to find an app for that, because its too niche, something like that have to be custom madeThank youLeith
Hello Alania,Can you please explain more about your requirement? Are you looking for an app that will allow customers to enter their social media?Thank youLeith
Hello NellieArt, Can you please explain a bit more about your problem, what exactly are you looking for?Thank youLeith
Thank you, I am now using rest API, but what about in the future I want to retrieve all products using graphql
I want to fetch all variants of a product using shopify graphql api, but it seems like we have to define the number of variants or any other thing we want by using first an argument after the query. I want to get all variants of the product instead o...
Hello everyone, I want to make shopify app that will solve problem or add value to merchants and their customers. I looked up on Shopify community for apps to get some ideas, but I found that every merchant has their own different problems or differe...
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