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Sure! password is : password123
Sure! password is : password123
I am trying to create an about us page. And I want it to look like this: However when I add text with image, the image is huge: I am using the Refresh Theme. Is there a way to make the image on my Refresh them smaller so it isn't so long? Appreciate ...
Unfortunately I am a small business and can't afford to pay for Shopify Plus. You have to have Shopify plus to be able to use Shopify's B2B platform.  If I had the money to pay $2,000 a month  I would be able to hire developers to help build my entir...
I am setting up my wholesale website. I need to be able to have only units of 9 purchased for every product that I have.  So when you go to add a product when you click 1 on quantity, it automatically puts 9 in your cart, click 2 on quantity it puts ...
Is there a way to create a bundle that does not show up on any sales channels? I need it to only be available for me to use when I manually create an order. I need the bundle (9 units) to feed into my shippo account and also my inventory count.  All ...
Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!! Thank you!!
Hi everyone, I am using the dawn theme, and need to add an announcement bar to the top of my website to announce our Labor Day Sale. I am having a few issues with it and hoping for some guidance. 1. How can I make the bar a little wider so it doesn't...
Hi everyone, I went to add a slider on my Dawn theme homepage. My website it . It works great on desktop. But in mobile view the first slide looks great. (It is what has always been up before I tried adding a slider to the h...
Hi! I send out free sample packs to potential influencers. Is there a way for me to set up a "Sample Pack" that will draw from my inventory, and allow me to fulfill it via Shippo?  I don't want anyone to see this sample pack on my website, but I want...
Hi  Everyone,We are looking for the best app that will help convert our one-time customers into subscription customers. We need for this app to allow for the one-time customer to upgrade to a subscription in their cart.  We would like for it to offer...
HI Everyone,  We want to offer subscribe and ship for free for our products. The subscription would not give any discount, excpet it will give all subscribers free shipping. We initially wanted to use Recharge and then found out they don't offer this...
I added all of them to my navigation menu.  And doubled checked to make sure they are all set up.  But when I go into my trial theme I can pull them up via search, but they don't show up when I click on pages. Wondering what I am doing wrong. 
I hope this is the right place to ask this.  I am just getting started with my website design and have found a theme  (Lorenzo) that I am using as a trial.  I am new to Shopify so I am not familiar with some of the basics.  I am trying to add pages t...
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