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输入账户和密码之后,点击已经成为Inactive的店铺名称时,会卡在页面一会,然后显示无法访问此页面。 即使当我点击“Create another store” 也无法成功跳转到相应页面,出现如下报错提示: There's a problem creating your storeThere's a technical problem that has prevented your Shopify store from being created. Try creating a store ag...
Dear Lana, Thank you so much for your detailed reply. It's really helpful. I have tried to upload a listing and the status says" Draft".  Does this mean I have to buy a plan before my listings can become active? Thank you.Lucas
Hi, as a new seller in China who just started the 14-day trial, I'm wondering how I'm going to receive payments from customers?  I'm an individual and don't own a company. I read that only sellers with a PayPal business account can use PayPal to rece...
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