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Hi I’m experiencing an issue on mobile (that I know of so far) on prestige theme where the “shop now” carousel section randomly bugs and spins through the entire carousel when trying to use the arrows and when using the item container to scroll throu...
I have messaged you friend
@solverStaff unfortunately this does not work for prestige ☹️
Site is
Hi, is it possible to change prestige theme footer to accordion? I had one previously on my old theme for dawn, I’m just trying to get similar or same look if possible as it’s a lot less clutter for mobile.  
I’ve messaged you my site link thank you
Hi, is it possible to make the logo bigger in dawn theme than the 250px slider it allows? I need to make it larger. Any assistance is appreciated, thank you.  
Hi UmairA, prestige already has a built in show second image on hover under theme settings, it does work on desktop and inside the theme editor for mobile, but on actual mobile device it does not. Any assistance is appreciated thank you. 
 Hi, is it possible to make second image show on hover for mobile, this feature works for desktop and shows that it should work in the mobile view in theme editor. But it isn’t.   
worked perfectly thank you!
I’ve just messaged you my store url and pass, thank you 
How can I remove the underlines from the collapsible tabs section in dawn theme? I don’t want to globally remove underlines is this possible?    
Hi, Please can someone assist me. The gap between my featured product and trust badge section is correct on desktop but it is too big on mobile (see gap in screenshot below). I'm not sure what section is causing this nor how to fix.
To be clear I am attempting to hire someone to help me with these customizations. Thank you! 
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