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That did the trick! thank you again! your posts have been exceptional. 
Hi @Ninthony! thank you for an excellent breakdown. for the most part this is working great. I have some orders that have not been tagged. they are basically "default" or "standard"I want to set it up to say:{% for tag in tags %} {% assign tag_hand...
Can you elaborate on this?how can I fulfill a line item of an order with an http request? 
I would like to have the products listed in these emails link to their respective product pages.Shipping confirmationShipping updateOut for deliveryDelivered in the Order Confirmation emails,  <a href="{{ shop.url }}{{ line.url }}">{% assign line_tit...
This is the solution I developed:{% assign metafield_values = product.metafields.custom.items_in_this_collection | split: ',' %} {% assign coloumn_count = 0 %} {% for value in metafield_values %} {% assign coloumn_count = coloumn_count | plus: 1 %}...
Thank you for your reply. Allow for clarificationThis email is NOT for customers. This is to let the shop owners know when the checkout is not working.  Scenario: A developer updated a setting on our site. That setting affected the shipping button, i...
is there a way to set up a flow to send an email if we do not get any orders in a certain time frame? similar to this: but we are not a headless in...
Dealing with the same thing. We are including a free digital download with every purchase, and want to restrict customers from seeing the digital download until after purchase. I found this 100% free app (not affiliated) that is simple but gets the j...
I am trying to reduce the number of templates and simplify content. Metaobjects are amazing and very useful. Currently, we have products that have 1-4 types of plants. We have a template set for the different number of columns. We want to have one te...
I am dealing with the same issue. Have you found any fixes?
I like this solution! However, do you have an updated draft for how to get it working on a 2.0 theme?thank you. 
This is great! how did you get even that much? are you using a 2.0 theme? 
We are in the same boat as other regionally restricted shops. From what I am reading in this thread is:shopify cannot implement regional_id parameters to the urlthe site developer needs to spend weeks calling/emailing google help to get their account...
our Klavio,, CrazyEgg, and a few other scripts are double loading on our site. Reviewing the theme code, there is no where that these scripts are being called. They are only loading via app installation. Any idea why they are loading twice? 
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