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Hello. I have a problem that I want to explain in a simplified manner. Say we have two elements, both in the same hierarchy. each of them gets a position fixed at a certain point. Parent 1 has many children  2 are my concern, Lets call them Child A a...
Hello, apologies for including images instead of code. I checked the rendered source, and it appears both forms do render in the HTMl, and as I suspected the only input marked as checked is the very first one in the HTML  Follwing is the rendered cod...
Hello, I have a newsletter in a shopify website using Pipeline theme, and the newsletter functions properly with the exception that the form refreshes the page when submitting an email. Be that the submission is successful or no.The appropriate messa...
Hello  I am working on a shopify website theme (pipeline) and in the product page I am facing an issue.the previous image shows the selection on the variant for a certain product. The main aim is to have the variant be selected (highlighted) when the...
Hello. I am working on a website where the add to cart button on the product page creates a drop down banner that shows the items added to cart. The banner is shown at the top of the image above, said banner would disappear after a few seconds and th...
Hello, I am working on a website and I have a question regarding the cart page. In my store, we have 3 products, :2 of the products are individuals with current price only NO compare price.the third product is a bundle and it has a before price and c...
Hello, Thank you for your respond, will DM you the link to the store 
Hello,  I am having an issue with my product page, The Price of the product shows up properly. However, a few seconds in and the prices gets replaces with a different value. The Correct Price for this product (let's call it product Y ) is 100RM, and ...
Hello Richard, I am assuming I use the code in my CSS file, The CSS in question here is the letter-spacing. I have tried using your code to add letterspacing on both the normal version and the "IOS" version but it didn't solve my problem. 
I am facing a change in my letter spacing when i view my website on PC/Andriod/IOS. The target is the (Brighter teeth in 30 seconds) title. The code renders letter spacing off -1 pn the title :h1 {font-weight: 600 !important;letter-spacing: -1px !imp...
I am using Pipeline version 6.1.3. I wish to modify the products thumbnails in the product page so that when they are clicked the variants are automatically changed. I tried the tutorial from shopify and also from Pipeline itself. But none of them se...
I wish to modify the products thumbnails in the product page so that when they are clicked the variants are automatically changed. I tried the tutorial from shopify and also from Pipeline itself. But none of them seem to work for the Pipeline theme v...
My store has product variants such that the 12cm and 14cm size variants have Standard and Premium Quality, whereas only 13.5cm size variant has Insulated and Double Function Quality variant. Take a look at the product page:
My store has two alternate custom grid sections with media. It looks proper on all view ports when open on Google Chrome. But when it is opened in Safari Browser, the grid gets messed up and the media is not aligned properly. I'll need some help to f...
My store using Showcase Theme has a search functionality in the header nav. But the search results only show images for product results. I want to add images for blog search results as well. Search Results with Blog search keywords: Search Results wi...
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