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Check this attached --
Hello @Ali_Zeeshan,-Branding%20inconsistencies%20can&text=Shopify%20Plus%20merchants%20have%20been,domain%20...
Hello @usaleem9876 Greetings of the day!Hope you are doing very well!As I have checked your store speed, that is 56 on mobile which is quite poor and for the desktop, it is 83, which is also quite poor.In order to improve your store speed, behind the...
Hello @Cheekymonkey13 Hope you are doing very well!As i checked your current store speed is 25 which is considered as poor,Live current store speed -- ( =, you can use this link and...
Hello @Alisha_Jemelian I hope you are doing very well! Site speed depends on many factors where we can talk about the points which we use to optimize the speed boost.The following things would be done to optimize your store speed: -1. Full speed opti...
Hello @Kaymoa Hope you are doing very well!I just your store speed for mobile and desktop both, for mobile speed is considered very poor and for desktop, it needs little bit improvement. Here I attached your speed testing link you can click on it and...
Hello @NatureBed Hope you are doing very well! Here are a few tips by which you can improve your mobile speed - 1. Measure and minimize server response time.2. Avoid or minimize redirects to accelerate mobile page speed.3. Rigorously measure round tr...
Hello @yuvrajjain Hope you are doing well! Improve CLS for my Shopify Store To start optimizing your Shopify store’s CLS, first, figure out where the problem is the worst by checking your Core Web Vitals in Search Console.Once you've identified which...
Hello @RainbowGlitter Site speed is based on various factors where main issues are some unused javascript, images compression and all, basically in today's era, most audiences reach through the mobiles so make sure the speed of mobile should always b...
Hello @tazzy Hope you are doing very well! I attached a doc where hopefully you find your answer, see this link --Link -- ( Thank you 
Hello @NatureBed Hope you are doing very well! As per our analysis, your current store speed on mobile is 30 and on the desktop is 49 which is considered very poor and as per recent trends maximum reach of the audiences is through the mobile so the s...
Hello @Sombly Hope you are doing well!! As per our analysis, your store speed on mobile is 17 which is considered very poor also on the desktop it is 55 which is also considered poor.As we see the present trend there are audiences or customers who al...
Hello @LauraBuckley Hope you are doing well !!As per our analysis, we checked your website speed and that is very poor in respect to audience reach, your current store speed for mobile is 22 and for desktop is 40 is considered very poor.As per now tr...
Hello @brugios94 Hope you are doing well!As per our analysis, your current store speed for mobile is 29 and for desktop is 65 which is considered poor, most of the audiences are coming through the mobile device and when the loading may take time so a...
Hello @Spycraft101 Hope you are doing well !  Multiple Instagram accountsSimple install the feed app from Shopify app store.Than create two different catalogue and import product using feed URL which you can found within the feed app.Link your each I...
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