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Unfortunately no, we don't support subscriptions with draft orders yet. 
@czilla95 Contracts created through the API do not have an originOrder; that is expected.@ptt-kmatsubara It looks like the two contracts you specified both have an origin type of "draft" not "order". That seems like they were created through the API ...
Oh... hahaYeah, that was just in our internal issue tracking system.
  Merchants, experts, and partners can login to the Shopify Community.That is, essentially public-facing and visible globally.      
Hi @simplee_chris Looking at the board, it appears that a fix for this was pushed live on January 5th and should no longer occur.
Hi @ptt-kmatsubara Sorry for the time between replies! I just got back from some vacation time. I'll look into the IDs you provided tomorrow and get back to you as soon as I can.   Megan
Hi Chris_mctavishThanks for letting us know about this. I've put it on the team's board and they'll look at it after the holiday break.
Closing this one - the one you cross-posted at is in the right place.MM
Thanks KmatsubaraA contract should be created with an order when placed through the checkout. Could you send the shop id(s) and contract id(s) where this happened, please?
We currently do not support subscription apps other than through the Subscriptions API. This is considered a form of "checkout hijacking".
Thanks Kmatsubara!   We've been rolling out subscriptions availability with different payment processors and wallets, and that page text hasn't been updated yet.It should say: If you sell subscription products, dynamic checkout buttons aren't suppor...
I am looking in the Apps -> Manage private apps -> {APP Name} -> Admin API section. Ah... I didn't realize it was a private app.   From the page:> The requirements for building an app that uses subsc...
The documentation here may help:   Especially the sections: You can request Shopify-Approval Scopes through the...
Hello ChrisThanks for posting your question.PayPal does not supply a verify card transaction, and they do not accept charges / authorizations that are free. So we perform a 1c authorization followed by a refund for free subscriptions in order to get...
Hello Nelutihon,Thank you for posting your question.It looks like you need the read_own_subscription_contracts access scope.Ref: Does this solve your problem?
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