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It helps if you are actually selling something....from a bricks and mortar store!
Best to look at the other feedback
Sure am.I have had some Shopify experts looking at it for the last month or so.They fixed it for a while and now it is back to a problem
How many people are having trouble with the product pages asking to "Nav To Admin' rather than 'Edit or Customise'?
I hope that they now get the message
I thought that something went wrong with my computer!!!Would have been nice to know there was going to be a change....for the worse!
I have been a Shopify store owner for over 10 years and have two stores. I have spent more time lately trying to edit etc than ever before. Polaris v12 beta is a waste of space! Please change it back.The more store owners who post 'Hate' about this n...
This is not the only new idea witch is a bad idea!Make it simple stupid!
I agree. The new admin page is a waste of space.Most of us users are not computer geeks and just want something simple.Bring back simple.A get rid of new ideas that don't work. And those that think them up!Not all new ideas are good ideas!
This new hard to use admin Polaris v12 beta page is such a waste of time......all my extra time it takes me to find the real info that I need. The old admin page had all the info right there in easy to see graphs etc. Not all new ideas are good ideas...
hiWe have been told by a customer that the Shopify payments gateway Shop Payments has been compromised/hacked and they are stealing credit card details to use later.I have disabled Shop Payments at the moment and hope you can get back to me asap P.S....
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