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Hi, Where can i find info on pricing and how to take the steps to set up a additonal brand/store to my shopify account? is there grouped fees? 
Hi who is using this app  Facebook & Instagram App how do i connect  do you run ads from shopify once connected
Thank you; i have this completed but still not showing example   
Hi where in Shopify can i edit my website bio - for search page results thanks 
sorry, i have solved this one - thank you 
Hello, DAWN 9.0  both the cart and the checkout page the icon is NOT showing you have to hover outside of the number box and it displayseven when decreasing the units from cart it doesnt show  please helpi would like this to be red as per my theme co...
Hello Using DAWN 9.0  how can i make the header section transparent / so that the image below is shown in this section what CSS can be applied here in the 'HEADER SETTINGS SECTION Thank you 
Hi How can i change the colour of the text and outline button within a image box / ( image banner and slideshow ) its defaulted to white it will only show in a selection of colour if i enable the 'show container' box setting on the imagewhich i dont ...
works on scroll  however is still showing the annoucement bar in full colourand also the logo / menu / page links bar in full colour i want this whole top section to be transparent  so that the logo and menu are within the first image slider section
DAWN THEME remove header and banner background colour and make menu and sticky transparent - to be able to view image underneath logo / menu  please help
Hi still not working - iv tried on both taste and dawn theme its only working for the sticky heading its transparent when your scroll - however logo/menu bar still showing with background when not scrolling ?  i want this bar to show as transparent w...
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