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I am working an app that requires multiple payment extensions to be accessible. I see there is a limit of 1 payment extensions per app, is there any way to get access to multiple payments extensions ...
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If so, you could do this, it would be the simplest and most static solution:Just add: .banner__box.content-container.content-container--full-width-mobile.color-scheme-4.gradient {margin: auto 0 0 0;} to the file: section-image-banner.cssMost likely l...
Hello, are you talking about the "Shop All" button on the hero, sitting on top of the "shop 4 ur life" image?
You can do a little CSS possibly using `order`Can you link the page and show what element you are talking about?
There's 2 options there: 1. Reach out to the app developers and let them know their app causes conflicts because they import a version of jquery even though the theme you have already includes a version of jquery. 2. Modify the cart icon and the logi...
Heyo, I took a look and it seems it could be because of the easy product addons app. Reason is due to a secondary jquery script being loaded in by them. I believe when you click the cart icon it is basically switching it on/off quickly, like if you w...
A couple of things just in the first few minutes. The quick buy button makes it so I can’t see the already small image of the productThe arrow to the buttons: the button itself isn’t clickable, only the text below.  It looks like this should scroll b...
hello! I’d be happy to look at your site and provide any recommendations. can you link it please?
Out of curiosity, is this also affecting the selling plan data from being returned on the cart transform function?I get null when querying for the selling plan data of a product using the cart transform function api, but when I try the same product w...
If anyone comes across this post first as I did, there is another one which has a bit more context as to why you are receiving this error.This post in particular, the solution:In case anyone else has this issue and finds this post, some other apps ca...
Actually I was able to figure this out and just updated my blog post about it, check it out. You can get rid of the errors, unfortunately I still don't see live reload happening but if I get that to work I will update here.
This probably has to do with that socket.tsx route I created, I wasn't exactly sure of the use for it, I just knew the remix server was making requests to it and to respond to it. Weird though because I don't encounter that error at all
Hey there, I was able to find a solution and made a post about it here: should work for you as well, if not please let me know
Hello,I have been messing with Shopify checkout UI extensions. I am trying to import AWS cognito identity package and get this error when I import it:DOMException: Failed to execute 'importScripts' on 'WorkerGlobalScope'Not exactly sure how to go abo...
Hello,I am working on the blog template and created a for loop where the articles are rendered.If I look at the "all" blog, the first article is rendered properly, but all other articles in the loop are rendered with surround <strong><em> elements ca...
Heyo,I've been messing with the payments api and came across an issue with the documentation: Processing a payment ( mutation PaymentSessionPending($id: ID!, $pendingExpiresAt: DateTime!, $reason: PaymentSessionStatesPendingReason!) { p...
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