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Do you want that number to be shown to your users  on storefront or you want to see it by yourself in shopify admin dashboard?
Well I would check out any app on app store for bulk inventory update. But if you need to bulk update regularly than you would need some app or even if you are updating it one time than it is worth paying for the app too
Hey @Knofan Have you checked any app to update variants?How are you currently updating the variants ?
But how we can combine token along with npm ?
Can you see if your issue is resolved by following this In short you might need to provide correct access_scope required by the webhook
I was facing same issue but when I have added GDPR webhooks the issue got resolved although I don't know what happened behind the scene. you can also try to add like this before your custom webhook and let me know APP_UNINSTALLED: { deliveryMet...
I was facing same issue. What I did was whenever I restart app I used to reinstall app in storefirst you can checked if webhook has been added using postman GEThttps://{store_name} this in header X-Sho...
Hey @Ronak3 correct name for order/create webhook is ORDER_TRANSACTIONS_CREATEAccording to this documentation.
Hey I am using Script tag API to access all the script tags stored in development storeBut the API is returning empty array 
I am facing similar error when building with docker file in server any idea how to resolve?
I had initialize new nodejs app with shopify cliI have also initialize extensions in this appbut after adding extension npm run dev command isn't working and throwing below error command extension:serve not found
shopify team is sending me two issues again and again although I have resolved them. here are these two issuesApp must set security headers to protect against clickjacking.Your app must set the proper frame-ancestors content security policy directive...
I have implemented frame-ancestors content security policy directive but not sure how to test  if they are implemented correctly. I have also checked url via this website It seems fine but Shopify have rejected my app an...
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