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Shopify now recommend to use custom event instead placing code on thank you page. But, it behaves the same way as on thank you page.
Yesterday, we were testing stuff, we tried two pixels of facebook, one with app and other as custom (place in header & checkout). It automatically started working fine even in google analytics also.Still we are using two pixels, but conversion with p...
can't provide any source, but from yesterday conversion tracking working fine. we verify it by comparing the shopify utm source and facebook analytics.
Yes, yesterday shopify fixed it. On our store conversion tracking working fine.
The temporary solution we did to uninstall the pixel app (facebook, google) from the shopify store and manually place the pixel code in the header and checkout. Or If you want to keep pixel app then you can use two pixel codes.
We have already tested this but did not work, because our facebook and tiktok code already outside the {% if first_time_accessed %}. You should test again by making order through Android chrome, make 10-15 orders and let know if that works for you. A...
Most of the themes have options to enable or disable it but If your theme not have them go to editor and search main-product.liquid (file name can be different, mentioned name is from Dawn theme) file in sections and remove the following code. {{ for...
Its not about the hope its about the money we are losing, spending on ads, facebook ads behaving in worst way because they are not counting conversion.
waiting for shopify to fix this issue but the real problem is shopify did not realize this is actually a problem.
It has been since 13th of May merchants facing this issue but shopify do not want to solve this issue and support will give you lame excuses.
Its been over a month merchants facing this issue and shopify is not interested in solving this issue. Shopify support is helpless, they are non technical i) they did not understand the problem and just sending documentation link ii) if they understa...
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