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Hey guys, I recently launched an ads targeting women from the U.S who are looking gifts to give for their significant others on occasions such as anniversary or Christmas. Although I’ve had many add...
Hello, I've had few experiences with Etsy before but this is my first time running a Shopify store. Here's the link to my shop: thealchemistsart.com. Feedbacks will be much very appreciated!...
Hello, I just recently finished designing my store. However, I believe there's still a lot to fix here especially the speed of the website. Anyway, feedbacks will be very, very appreciated. ...
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Hi, I recently launched my shopify store: thealchemistsart.com and have run advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. However, I unfortunately didn't have luck with any sale but 16 "add to carts". Could you guys give me a piece of advice of how to ta...
Hi I started running an ad for my Shopify store, thealchemistsart.com, last week and the result wasn't that great. I had 14 "add to carts", 3231 Reach, 4235 Impressions, yet no sale converted. Could anyone help me troubleshoot this?  Regards,Dylan 
Hello, I recently launched a Shopify store called The Alchemist's Art (thealchemistsart.com). I also created an ad that I will be running for my store. If you guys don't mind take a look at my ads and give feedbacks on it, which will be very, very ap...
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