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Hello, it seems I always need to manually Sort By "created" and "newest first" when looking at the Shopify store dashboard. Is there not a way to save sorting methods? "Create view" doesn't seem to work or save when manually sorting. Thanks. 
This is another solution to a related problem. I wanted to limit the product title but on the Buy Button. An online search found this posted question, so wanted to post my solution here in case anyone else has the same issue. Within the Buy Button co...
This worked for me for the buy button. The only complaint I have is the item in the shopping cart doesn't stay in the store's shopping cart if you click off to somewhere else on the site. 
I did the bulk edit, but even that was a royal pain. Editing hundreds of product vendor names in the bulk edit tool took a long time, maybe ~30 mins or so. In the long run maybe that's not a long time but it was painful nonetheless. The bulk edit too...
For anyone that happens on this, Shopify says Coinbase will "retire" end of July but on Coinbase Commerce, they say it ends June 30th. I followed the instructions here and it worked to migrate over to the new setup: https://help.coinbase.com/en/comme...
In theory, the page should load faster as now it's one less item/image to load to the page. Although, again not sure if there are some dependencies that check and are delayed. Honestly I don't think the page load should change +/- in any way with thi...
Same problem here. When I load the page (even if logged out or anyone else loads it) a giant black check mark shows briefly on the screen. It's huge and extremely bad looking. This is with the Dawn theme by Shopify.  Edit: I was able to stop loading ...
This doesn't work as it is. I copied the code you posted and added it to the file popup.liquid into Sections, then created a Custom Liquid section in my Theme Customization, with the HTML link popup, and it never works. 
I can't believe it's been years and nothing has changed. I think just having the root domain as "blogs" is silly, it should be "blog". I would actually just like to change it to "blog" and be fine with that, or ideally, add a custom root domain. Shop...
Thanks, that's what I thought too but wasn't sure. 
Hi, I'm new to Shopify and want my store to perform better on SERPs. However, there are tons of SEO apps out there. Are they worth adding, do people actually get better results with these SEO apps or do they not in your opinion add any value to your ...
Question about editing the source code, when Shopify does updates, does it override the code that we insert and we have to do it all over again later, or does our code remain intact and unchanged? Thanks. 
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