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There is no transparency setting in dawn theme for logo. Why do you want to make your logo transparent?
Jessica your question is not clear, could you please rephrase it? 
Its not a problem but you dont have documentation to do it yourself. You will need a Shopify dev to look into this and fix it.
you will need to check and update the css, cant help without checking your theme.
I think you mean Collections correct? Go ahead and setup your new theme and then you can pick and choose which collection you want. If you want to change to a new collection then create a new one.Remember. Collection and Product data is stored in Sho...
check your theme documentation, that should help. 
Please provide details where you created this welcome email and where are you clicking to apply discount?
Make sure you have setup your FB ads correctly, you will get a lot of junk traffic but depending on your budget it starts sending users who might be interested in your product. Try Google search Ads, Google Shopping Ads. Check your Analytics and see ...
We have done this for a client. What you need to do is in Klaviyo create 2 signup forms, 1 for English and 1 for French. Then show the form based on the language url, this way your customers go in their own list english or french.
I dont have access to the symmetry theme so cant exactly point which line to comment out. You should go to your collection template and see which snippet its calling, maybe its product-grid. Then you will need to comment out the code for name and pri...
If you have liquid code knowledge then go an update the collections template, if you have a collection for each brand then you can use the collection image for the logo to display on the collection page. 
Malheureusement, vous devez le coder dans 
Add a country selector and use tags to filter out the products for USA only. This will require some liquid coding knowledge.
Sorry just saw your screenshot, it seems the description was deleted from your collection. Can you check if you have a metafield app under your apps?   
Try this line.variant.sku
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