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I would like the custom options, please tell me more.
This did not change the look  
Sorry, forgot the store link. Here is the store link: 
What is the code that I need to change my blog from looking like this:  To looking like this: Here's the link:   My blogs are too close together, are not even and too long including too much information in the ...
I would like the actual code to replace the current code to get mine to look like this too. Does any one have that coding available?
Thank you so much for clarifying. 
Hello, I need to know how to get the pagnation of the page to provide a continuous scroll. Instead of page numbers I would like it to 'load more' products and create a continuous scroll. Does that help.  
Hi,  I'm having an issue with the Right Click on my site. I'm wondering if anyone could help me locate and understand how to enable right-clicking on my store. I was using an app but I disabled it and I'm still having issues.  Thank you! I appreciate...
Hello, I'm looking for help with implementing the 'Load More" button option on the product page for easier navigation. Can you help with coding?
Looking for code to implement on the Venture theme to display 'Add to cart" button on my featured collection section on collection pages so customers will not need to click on product page b4 can add.
so I am looking for a code to add to the contact form that will provide a drop down option to select a monetary amount. Also how would I change the coding of the submit button to add the amount to cart?  <input type="submit" class="btn" value="{{ 'co...
Does anyone have a code for a form that can take payments? Like Donation form? One that will redirect to the payment screen to pay the amount specified in the form. Maybe even have options of amounts that can be paid?
I'm trying to make the email field on the contact form required. I was trying to enter the code below but my error is that I didn't tell the aria what to do from what I understand. Does anyone know how I can correct the code?   <div class="g...
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