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I would like to redirect the accelerated/express checkout button to a different URL. Where can I edit this in the theme code?  Also, I'd like to change where the "More Payment Options" button directs to as well Theme - Dawn 2.0 Any help would be much...
Hi all! Is it possible to make a cart/checkout permalink with the Subscription Policy box pre checked? When using express checkout on one page checkout, the customer has to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, opt-in, and then scroll all the...
Hi! Our store recently switched to the one-page checkout (not good) and we've noticed the express checkouts don't work as well as they did on multi-page checkout.  If you try to use express checkout it usually fails because the subscription agreement...
Theme - DawnIssue - How to curve edges of Add to Cart and Dynamic Buy it Now Buttons so that they are pill shaped and the container outline isn't showing (example below)  
I'm currently using Appstle Memberships for a monthly membership service I offer. I also offer a free trial for onboarding purposes for the first week. It seems about 95% of payments get declined when the first payment is due. I've had multiple membe...
Add full product images and thumbnails to Home Page - (Dawn Theme) Trying to add all of the product images and thumbnail slider to Home Page on Dawn theme. Currently, only the different variant images show on the Home Page.Basically, trying to setup ...
How to add product description to Home - Dawn ThemeLooking to have my full product and description on Home Page. How do I do this?Using Dawn Theme
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