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Was able to fix the issue which was in the Graphql mutation.  For some reason the CartFragment used to work with the merchandise property in the node.  Now that throws an error.    Just had to remove it and make a separate query to get it.    https:/...
In Shopify's hydrogen-storefront repo, specifically in cart.tsx, addLines function supposedly returns a Promise<CartQueryData>.  CartQueryData I believe should contain the Cart object along with its line items, attributes, etc. result = await cart.ad...
Looks like it now forces us to use these types: node_modules/@shopify/hydrogen/dist/production/index.d.ts  rather than: node_modules/@shopify/hydrogen/dist/storefront-api-types.d.ts I will now need to refactor a LOT of code     
Hi, this just happened about 4 hours ago.  When trying to Add to Cart on my Hydrogen website, this internal error occurs.  My hydrogen version is v2023.7.7.  My node version is v18.17.0.  Thanks in advance. Error: [h2:error:storefront.mutation] Inter...
Figured it out.  It was something I did.  I have a custom Shopify App (using Admin API) that regularly updates the price of the products and every time it did an update, it changed the ProductVariantID of the products which wasn't intended.  I fixed ...
I just realized that the ProductVariant ID that was used by the CartLineItem in my cart was non-existent.  I have no idea where this ProductVariant ID came from.  When doing a query for a productByHandle, I get this ProductVariant ID : //query { pr...
When i query it using the Admin GraphQL API, it exists.  But using the Storefront GraphQL API, it is null.  This is really weird.
I am using the storefront API with hydrogen and using the cartCreate mutation.  I have 20 line items that I’m passing to cartCreate and there is one line item that errors out: 'The merchandise with id gid://shopify/ProductVariant/45060060774721 does ...
I have constructed the permalink URL correctly but it will only work with my myshopify.com domain.  It won't work with my custom domain.  Is there any workaround for this? Thanks!
Ok solved it.  Just realized that the cId param I defined becomes lowercase on Oxygen.  So by accessing it as params.cid instead of params.cId, it works!  Lesson learned, don't camelCase your params.
Hi, I am using Hydrogen and creating my own checkout flow.  On the cart page, I grab the cartId and assemble a new URL called /check-out/<cartId>/consignee. This works just fine on localhost.  But when I deploy to Oxygen, the cartId becomes undefined...
This question is about storefront API specifically on checkout.  I have my own dynamic shipping rate calculator API which I want to use on checkout.  That means I do not have any shipping rates set on Shopify Admin.  Is there any mutation I can use o...
Hi, where do you configure that?  I went to Domains -> Primary for Online Store and saw no option to edit these.
So it turns out that Oxygen does not like  cache: 'no-cache' It was throwing an error The 'cache' field on 'RequestInitializerDict' is not implemented." so i had to remove that. Console Logs are extremely helpful especially in the preview runtime log...
Hi, I have a hydrogen website where I modified the cart.tsx action function to include a call to a 3rd party API when an item is added to the cart.  This works perfectly on localhost but when I deployed my codebase to Oxygen, this API seems to not ge...
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