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I've reached out to Shopify Chat but was redirected to the Forums and that "we don't have specific error codes which we can give you to reference for each of those scenarios." I'm hoping someone here...
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Thank you for your help! It was a Chrome browser update issue. After I updated to the latest Chrome version, the "Confirm you are not a robot" prompt came up.
@Shay I am on Chrome and the issue replicates even in incognito mode and on Microsoft Edge.
I am trying to submit a Chat request on Shopify Support but am prompted to "Confirm you are not robot".However, there is no "Confirm you are not a robot" popup or section prior to pressing the "Chat with Us" button.It appears there is a similar issue...
We're subscribed to the order/create webhook but some orders are missing the variant ID and as such, we are unable to match the order details with the variant IDs we have saved in our database. Can advise in which cases variant ID would be missing or...
Is it possible to override a Shopify store's shipping rates?For example, if a store's shipping rate is set at $4.90, is it possible for our app to override that shipping rate to $0.00 (free shipping) if the store owner opts in for free shipping on ou...
When testing "Refunds", we've trying editing an order on a Shopify store that has not been fulfilled yet. More specifically, we removed an existing line item, "restocked" the product, and updated the order.  If I understood the Refund resource correc...
Update: It seems that fulfillment and fraud apps must subscribe to the Orders/Edit webhook for Shopify store owners who opt for manual payment capture.
Thank you @mrad for your response.That is what I thought too but the feedback from the app team suggests differently.Shopify Partners chat support also stated that we do need to use need to create transactions with kind and capture even when we are n...
We are working on a dropshipping app. Our app doesn't process nor receive the end consumer's payment information and will only receive payment information from the Shopify store owner who will place and pay for orders. However, the Shopify team has p...
1. In order to meet Shopify's requirements for mandatory webhooks (specifically the "customer/redact" topic, do shipping information for orders need to be deleted as well? We may require shipping information in order to process any returns received o...
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