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When I started the webshop I made the mistake of using underscores in my file names. I want to fix that by changing the underscores to a hyphen. I was hoping that I could export the filenames to a CSV, make the changes in a spreadsheet and import aga...
Hi Avada, I think the Shopify interface changed a bit. I believe the Files section is now located in the main left menu. But my question is, how can I export? I don't see that option. What do I want to achieve?When I started the webshop I made the mi...
I want to create a single Page with a different page width. Theme Dawn.By default the page width of a single Page is set to "narrow" (main-page.liquid). I could change this to "wide" but that applies to all single Pages. I need 1 page width a "wide" ...
I would like to encourage people to sign up for my newsletter by offering them a free download. Instead of presenting the standard "Thank you" from the Language / Theme content, I want to present a custom text with a hyperlink to download a PDF. On m...
Oke, I have been playing with the percentages in the Style code. Changed the height (of the iFrame) from "auto" to 250%. Maybe not the correct way, but it will do.
Sorry for not making myself clear. Please have a look at the screendump below. The aspect ratio of video "player" is odd. I would like the video "player" to be higher. 
Yes, I had seen that. But the height is not correct. The aspect ratio of the video is not correct.
Wow, that's quick. Thanks. It's also nice that you have built in the option to adjust the width. Super. Great.I think we are almost there. See image below, the aspect ratio of the video is not right. How can I restore that?  
Sorry. My current website ( is made with the theme Debut. I am now working on a new version of the website that is not live yet (theme Dawn). The issue I have is on a Page (, so I didn't know what to share...
I have created a Page on which I have 2 YouTube videos (in an iFrame). The video is aligned fully left. I would like to have them centered. Theme Dawn. Thanks for helping.  
Great, this works !! And it's an easy solution. Thanks.
@Cedcommerce I am taking you back about 9 months  I am trying to implement your solution, but I am stuck. I am not a coder, I can copy / paste and follow detailed instructions. I have added the custom class and the CSS code to the liquid file. I hav...
@Made4uo-Ribe I am working on the following store/theme
Thanks for your reply. Maybe I am missing something. But it doesn't seem to work on my end.   Just to be sure, the button in the left column should come down and align with the buttons in column 2 and 3. 
Hi, thanks for your reply. Please advise. I am working on the next version of my webstore so that version is not published yet. 
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