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you are a star mate! thank you
thats the one please, absolute perfect thank you
Paul you are the man!! thank you so much, this is going to sound very a-nal but can the line below the word sell be dropped just slightly lower so it doesn't look like it is touching, Like the below image where the red line is? if not no worries it i...
Paul that is spot on thank you! is it possible to remove the outer box and have just an underline under the word? i think it is rather large in comparison to the other icons! but overall exaclty what was needed thank you!
understandable mate, ive generated you a collaborator code: 4096 does this help? or do you need more from me to access? Thank you
Yes, we have an existing menu in our navigation for our 'sell to us' form. we would like a button nextto the basket in our header that would take people there too. like the below website 
Thanks Paul, really appreciate your help! do you also know how i can now add a separate icon/button in place of where our search icon originally was?
URL: this would be on mobile only like the above image. I have a sell to us button on my navigation menu for desktop
   I would like to add a sell button to the header like the below next to our basket icon 
Thank you, search icon moved and looks great. how do i now add anotehr icon next to the basket icon?
Hi All, I am looking to change my header mobile only. I want to put the magnifying glass (search icon) on the left side next to the hamburger menu. I then need to add a clickable button next to the basket. website URL:    
Alan, thank you very much sir, works a dream!
Hi Sagar, I have not yet published this on my site so it wont display, can i send you a link for the customise page to my shopify to see?
Hi All, How can I change my announcement bar to transition to the next rather than have them stacked underneath each other. Thanks.
Hi thank you, that has worked, but now my search bar is partly hidden once clicked on, see below  
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