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This is exactly what I was thinking. The 10 footballs all have the same SKU / Barcode so I can add the barcode in. There's a lot of conflicting answers to this question, so I guess it's a grey area. Thanks for the help, I'm going to give this a try!
Hi there, I've been using google ads for a while and I've always set my packs of products to "custom product", however, I wondered if anyone knew if I should add the barcode of the single product to the pack of products as google is still coming up w...
Thanks so much for your help JasmeetVT14313. Yes, that works for the gifts menu. Could you just explain how this code works so I can apply it when needed to any menu?
Hi all, could anybody help me with this text wrapping issue. I'd like the mega menu headings (dawn theme 12.0) to stay on one line (if the screen size allows)? 
Hi all, I'd love some guidance as my CSS is a bit rusty! I've added a banner image to my home page, collections and blog posts on but I don't want it to stretch over the actual size on larger screens. I've tested setting the...
I just wondered where everyone operatring a shopify website is from? A bit of a "poll" without a poll! Sorry! Just that I wonder if shopify being based in Canada means most of their customers are in Canada?  I'm from the UK and have been waiting for ...
Hi there, I run and want to start listing personalised products. I need the customer to enter multiple lines of custom text and also have the option to upload an image. This can be different for different products, so 1 prod...
Hi Victor, any update on when this fix will be available on the platform? Many thanks in advance 
yep, have the same issue. Just paid 22 quid for a parcel to highlands! Customer got free delivery!
Yes, I got this from Google yesterday, would be good to get some guidance from Shopify on how to fix this:Missing delivery information in your merchant listings on your sitesDelivery information is an important factor when shoppers are considering wh...
Glad you're sorted, it always seems to break after a software update on my phone!
Yep, my ca ching sounds has gone again too, so frustrating. Think the only option is to re-install the app
Does anyone know if shopify are planning to release an update for Dawn 2.0 as there's so many issues with images? I've ended up adding code so the product pages use a slider from this video (
Great, thanks for taking a look. The shop is still in development, here's the preview link, I'll email you the password: 
Hey guys, I'm having issues with my new client site. I've not upgraded, this is a clean site using Dawn 2.0 (default) from the start. I'm having endless issues with the images on the site, they're all optimised/above 1000px but they appear blurry/str...
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