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I have spent hours trying to do this and I am not sure it is going to work or how to set this up. 1. I have a store that is 5 Years old based in South Africa. I have been using the main domain. 2. I am opening another store in the USA ...
Thank you. I have tried all 3 ways and it is still not working. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
Can someone please help me solve this. I use the Prestige Theme. I am using the Shopify forms app and an inline form, I need to change the width of the form, it's so small on the screen. Here is the link:
I will literally pay for this, my store in South Africa is not compatible. Is there a way to work around the credit card option and only accept bank transfers. My wholesale customers never pay using a credit card.
I have a few wholesale customers who purchase products on credit with net payment terms. They require that I send them statements at month end with the amounts overdue and reflecting the amounts paid. I also sometimes receive partial payments by bank...
Thank you so much, it worked. Could you also possibly assist me to have the headings for each section of the FAQ aligned left and not center?
Here is the Url. have different FAQ's on certain pages relating to that product and the section is always the same width with no way to change it.
Hi. I am using the prestige theme from Shopify. I added a the FAQ section and would like to change the width of the section. The section is about 50% and I want to change it to 80% of the full page. 
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