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Thank you for responding unfortunately we do not have the money to pay anyone now.
Thank you again. My nonprofit keeps me busy most of my days. My apologies about getting back to you late. 
Hi, Thank you for responding. I was told that (with the instructions that i were given) that dropshipping would take care of the order. Then he told me to put it in manually and it said 'awaiting shipment' but was never shipped
I have been trying for weeks since I got an order to contact support but to know avail. The last person I spoke with assured me that everything was set up correctly but the customer still hasn't received her items. Also, I am repeatedly charged but w...
There is an order placed but not yet filled for the customer
I've been rerouted and rerouted trying to set up this page and it's not working. I work better by talking with people and am unable to reach anyone. I want to shut down the whole page because I can't reach a human. GRRRRR I'm having issues in more th...
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