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You can assign smooth scrolling it to the element directly or to the whole document:/* Smooth scrolling inside an element */ #my-element { scroll-behavior: smooth; } /* Smooth scrolling on the whole document */ html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } Le...
You sure will!The Shopify community is great  Let me check that for you.
Hey, how are you doing?You can do this by referring to the HTML ID that is assigned to the element like this:/#shopify-section-template--17895463878921__87711e85-9614-428e-9184-f115f1cf8961Do you know how to find it in the inspector?Let me know if yo...
This one seems to have a good rating: me know...
Yup, you will have to unset the button color:@media screen and (min-width: 750px) .banner--desktop-transparent .banner__box { --color-button: none !important; }
Hi @KatrinaJohnson  sure!Are you using the dawn theme?You can just simple use a liquid/html section for that.
Hi @Castlesew really sad to hear this mate.Did you guys set up all the social media channels?Also I would recommend improving the markup.What theme is this that was used?The Shopify themes usually have a good base markup to work with.Can you also sha...
Sure, you can add this to your CSS file. I guess it is the index.css file in your case.a.button.button--primary:hover { border: 2.5px solid black !important; } 
I would recommend using an app for that, it would stay in the backend and not slow down the shop itself. Also, apps like that will check many factors to find out if there are potential duplicates. 
Hey there how are you doing,where do you want to place it?I can write some code for you.The other option would be to completely remove it and make the slider as a whole a clickable link.Kind regards,
Hey how are you doing,did you customise the code of the theme?You can add a "Price" block on the product page in the customizer, is that the case?If you could send a screenshot that would help.Kind regards,
You can just remove the sections.If you want to remove the headline you will have to go into the sections and hide the "fodane-recommendation-heading" class.You can paste the following code into the custom css.fodane-recommendation-heading {display:n...
It should be in the global theme settings, usually if you don't add the links it is not shown.You have to click on the brush on the upper left (2nd icon)
Hi @Luukas99 what theme are you using?Maybe you can share your store URL?Kind regards
Weird, are you still able to reach out to the support?The stores are still online though?
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