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Highly recommend this free app;
I'm trying to avoid overloading my store with too many apps, so I found the code and instructions below from: Problem is, ...
...just found the solution buried in 2016 here! 
Does any one know what the code would be to show Total Items in Order Printer templates please? I've tried the following, but didn't work... <strong>Total items </strong>{{ cart.item_count }}<br /> Thank you
No issue! Just asking if any one can help me with this enhancement or if any one already has this code in their back pocket 
UPDATE: I am still looking for any ones help with this please...I still can't believe in all this time either:A) @Shopify hasn't already implemented Default Product Images.B) Somebody else hasn't already figured this out.Like I said, I can't be the o...
No worries, I'll PM you next. Thank you
Sorry, I am unable to publish a link to my store at the moment, please could you use the link to the demo page above which is the same theme and same code? Thanks,
Thank you, please use the following product page example:
THEME: Canopy Hey there... just spent the last 24 hours trying to figure this out, but hit the wall. Does any one know or figured out how to create Default Product images that will show up on all products using the same product template please? So re...
Awesome! Thank you so much  Easy when you know how eh?
THEME: Canopy Hey there... I really hope someone reading this can help me out - I am looking to tweak the Product page layout to work better for my needs. My product images are rectangle/portrait shape, with just 2 images per product. So having the p...
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