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Hi, why there is no option to choose and connect an ad account? I can only choose FB pages from my BM. I have 3 ad accounts in my BM. See photo - 
I'm using Stiletto theme and there is no block in "Product overview" to upload a photo. I would like to have that photo on every product page. I assume I would need to paste some code with the file link.
Hi, I would like to add a photo under the add to cart button. How to do that? I'm running on 2.0 theme.
website -
It's already added for every variant 
Hello, I have a problem with prices. When I have 3 variations for one product, the price is not showing on the collection page. Only discounted price is showing. How to make that on the collection page, the lowest variation price would show? problem ...
Hello, how to change the color of the dot near the mini cart when a product is added because I want to change it from white to red? What would be the code for that? I run a focal 2.0 theme. Screenshot -
I found it and it works but the first word letter is lowercase. How to make first word letter uppercase?
I can't find these lines in Assets > Open theme.css.liquid. I use ctr+f but still it's not popping up
Hello, my collection's products titles are all capitalized. How to make it not capitalized?Store - Password: portugal
Hello, how to add white borders to slideshow buttons? I use Focal 2.0 theme. Photo -
Hello, what if I want to add borders to slideshows button? What would be the code? I use os 2.0 Focal theme
Do you know the exact code that I need to add?
I would like for the user to go straight to checkout when they "add to cart" on an item rather than having the cart "slide out" from the side. I use dawn theme 2.0
Why I can't normally edit a page? It shows me this weird font.
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