May I ask for opinions and suggestions on my site? we launched on 1st Feb and I am still working on on-site improvements. A general appraisal would be appreci...
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i have discovered a serious issue within my store which i suggest you should all be aware of. i attach screen shots which highlights the issue. it may be worth many of you checking your stores,. their isw also html inasertede into my theme.
My shown store speed is taken by google on a 4g mobile phone. my store speed taken on a desktop/laptop is 88. i am sorry but this 31 speed is utter rubbish to create unwanted business. regardes  chris
hello everyone, I want to make some comments on store speed which may not go down too well. my store speed is noted on my site as 35. which is utter rubbish. this is based on googles lighthouse analysis made on 4 g mobile phone users and buyers. All ...
Hi Dirk, thanks for the help with that little code, Now as a follow uo whats the best and recommended way to actually get backlinks. I hopefully will launch on Feb.1st. I have put a lot of work into the site to improve its appearance and content for ...
many thanks dirk. much appreciasted  chrus
i am not very complianf with codes. how do i post a backlink using company name and hiding url
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