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I am also experiencing this problem. The explanation you have shown just shows how to set up a different shipping rate for NI than the rest of the UK. The problem is that in the "taxes and duties" section you cannot separate NI from the UK. When ship...
I am in the same situation and would like help with. Did you ever sort the issue?
I have made no changes to my website, but today when I browse it only about 10% of the products are showing when using the filters. It was working without issue this morning but at present there is a problem that I can't seem to work out as I have ma...
Thanks Alvin, I figured it would be something like that but didn't know how to find it. I ended up paying a small price for a slider app but I appreciate you taking the time to help out.
Hi, did you get this sorted? I am having the same problem. The dropdown menu displays over the slideshow image but any clickable link over the the slideshow doesn't work and when clicked just brings you to the slideshow link?
Yes, please change this! When gift cards are purchased the sale shows in the end of day Register Summary receipt but not in the daily analytics in the backend, how does this make any sense? 
I made a new discussion. Embarrassingly, I don't know how to mark it as a solution..? 
Hello,  I saw the code below from @LitExtension in another discussion. This worked well changing the dropdown from one long list to 3 columns but the dropdown now reads alphabetically from left to right but I would prefer if it read alphabetically fr...
@LitExtension Thank you, this worked but is it possible to have the list display alphabetically vertically instead on horizontally?
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