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Hi everyone, Im about launching my e-store, its dropshipping and gonna ship for world-wide. How should I set taxes ? My company based on Turkey, I work with accountant for paying taxes for my country. But should I also pay taxes to the countries I se...
Türkiye Shopify kullanıcıları mağazanıza nasıl ödeme alıyorsunuz ? Garanti post, iyzico ve iki farklı seçenek gözüküyor sadece. iyzico ile telefon görüşmesi yaptım dropshipping iş modeline sanal post sağlamıyoruz dendi. Bu durumda ne yapılabilir
Hi ! I wanna add image to description section but as a svg. I can add images as jpeg, png but they look blurry on sometimes mobile sometimes desktop. So I wanna add my description image as svg. How can I do this ? I think they should be way to it wit...
hi ! I create my logo in svg and add it as assets. But I couldnt edit header.liquid and totally messed up. could someone copy and paste me total header.liquid with all lines with logo.svg. my file name is logo.svg  thanks a lot 
Hi ! I changed the code but it didnt help 
can you find any solution for the problem ?
will it be better to add the shipping cost on product price and say free shipping ? 
in minimal theme for logo it says 450 * 200 and I designed my logo in that size but it looks blurry. it looks more clear on chrome in 100%zoom but when you do higher or lower zooms it starts to look blurry. I tried png and jpeg also upscale the logo ...
I think theres no option for it. 
I looked at it quickly yesterday but it wasnt something like wix. I couldnt change the header/logo parts as I want. It was  basicly any theme but a few more settings, maybe its me i dont know but I didnt find it really flexible or anything. If I keep...
I started to prepare my site some months ago and now I happy about how it turned. But my theme is old free ones. Should I change it to the dawn 2.0 ? Whats the difference between os 2.0 themes and others ? Is it only about design or something more ? ...
Hi ! I designed some images for description section instead of a write the description normally. I can easly add images to the description section in product page but shopify lowers resolution. I  edited the sizes of photos to both bigger and smaller...
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