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Awesome!  Thanks for you help!  I just removed it
my url is  Thanks
I have an old logo in my footer that I can't seem to remove or replace. I can't click on it or edit it. Any ideas? I can edit all the other info, content, headings & colours.  TIA 
Thanks for your help.  I have not used the POS in a year, and I hoped they had made changes to make it more customizable during a sale.  Thanks again. 
I own an antique / home decor store with literally thousands of individual and unique items.  Is there a way to customize an "Antique" product so I can change the details with every sale without doing a custom sale everytime?  
Hi thanks for the reply, but I don't see an edit feature on the product.  I was hoping for a bulk edit to hide all Product suppliers (Product details)  I want just the description and shipping info to show. Thanks 
I'm looking for help on how to hide product supplier info on Instagram /Facebook shop using the mobile app.  On desktop it does not show to the public, which is what I want.Thanks
Hey all, I'm trying to ship smaller items with a bubble mailer, but I can't seem to buy a shipping label through Shopify for an envelope.  Is it possible to put the dimensions of the envelope, but list it as a package?  Will there be a difference in ...
We recently within the last couple weeks purchased the POS Pro to use in our physical store location.  Since we pay for our Shopify website subscription yearly we were charged for a year of POS Pro.  Unfortunately, the POS Pro platform does not work ...
I'm looking at using Shopify POS. I currently use Vend on a windows laptop as our cash register.  We sell antiques and lots of other items that don't have a barcode.  They often require a brief description with each item as well as a price list we us...
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