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Hi @JHKCreate Here is the link
Trying to find a way to remove the text "Shipping calculated at checkout" on only one product... I offer gift cards and don't want the shipping text to show up for the gift cards.(I have already created a product template for the gift cards)
@AvadaCommerce Thanks for the response... the code you supplied did not change the icon location.
I updated my website to the Dawn 3.0.0 theme and have my header set for the logo to be top center. I want to move the search icon from the left side of the logo to the right side so it is with the user and cart icons.
@LitExtension  Any chance you have a solution for the new Dawn 3.0? Since the update all the code has changed and the previous/next doesn't work?
Thank you for that.. Just what I needed. I did alter the code a little to fit my site by moving the links together so they show up like: << Previous | Next >>   <div class="grid grid--1-col grid--1-col-tablet"> <div class="grid__item right"> ...
I'm using Dawn 2.0 with my logo set to top center. I want to have the search icon display on the right with the account and cart icons. I found code for the header.liquid and tried that but it didn't work... Any help would be much apricated.
I'm looking for the same solution but the code doesn't do anything. Search icon is still on the left side of the logoEdit.. this is for a different issue. Disregard this comment
Looking for some help adding the previous/next links to my product pages. If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve a paid app I'd appreciate any info. I have found several codes and tried them but I think they are outdated since Dawn has been up...
Awesome. Glad you got it fixed
Your welcome... Hope you can get this sorted out soon. Good luck
Possibly contact Wishlist support too and see if they have any ideas since your signup was working before you installed their app. They may have their own sign form
Ok... I would contact mailchimp directly then and see if they are able to trouble shoot the problem. From what I can see Wishlist doesn't say they use mailchimp but they may use them as a backend mail handler for notifications and signups for that se...
Your signup is defiantly being routed through a mail handler. Are you hosted by shopify? and have you installed any apps recently? I'm not aware that shopify uses mailchimp as a mail handler unless it came preinstalled with your theme or another app ...
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