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It looks like this would have worked for me. Unfortunately, I decided to go down a non-Shopify path (for a number of reasons). Thanks for the suggestion though! If I switch back to Shopify I will certainly check this out!
Nope. It would be where if I were buying a colored t-shirt and I selected a blue color as an option, then the displayed image would be updated to show a blue t-shirt.
Their online examples do not provide a "live view". Can you point me to a website that shows this in action?
@Store_Pleb I've already looked into that one. The part that is missing is the "live preview" option which would allow you to view the selected option when that choice is made.
@Store_Pleb Can suggest a better approach OR even a 100% free app that would do similar?
@EFOLI-Emilia7... This forum is a little challenging because it's not threaded (from what I can see). Yes, the Inkybay app does have live preview... my response (that it didn't) was actually in response to the BSS Commerce suggestion.
Thank you. The examples they show do not update when a selection is made (live preview). Is this possible with this app?
Interesting app, but I think the cost will be too prohibitive for me.
I'm looking for a product option app that includes conditional logic and product previews based on options selected. What I have is art print shop with framed or un-framed prints in various sizes and mediums. For example, the client would select a pr...
Thank you... I've already moved on to a non-Shopify solution. Everything I wanted to do or customize seemed to have a price associated with it.
I'd like to hide variant images that display under the main product image, BUT I'd like them to show when selected as the main image. I'd like to keep certain thumbnails though like the base image, and one added image as selectable thumbnails (see at...
I'm in my free trial status with Shopify. I was actually in online marketing for many years, BUT Shopify is a new animal to me. I'm looking for direction on how to setup a store that sells Art Prints. Each Art Print would be the primary product. Each...
Thank you Alison. I appreciate the insight and help!
Not sure what category this fits in, but I'm testing out Shopify, and in the Free Trial period...I was wondering if there was a way to upload NEW products via the Bulk Import feature? I know that you edit existing products this way, but I'm more inte...
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