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@Kimi I already tried that, but I can’t add any mx records or change the details in shopify. is there any way to get my credentials to access the opensrs account?
hi, So I'm trying to connect my shopify with zoho mail. I've added the zoho zb code to shopify already. It says cname and mx records will be created automatically but, I can't seem to connect zoho to shopify. How can I solve this?
Hi! on a page I have a table but it doesn’t fit on mobile version, how can I make only the table with a horizontal scroll instead of the whole page?  
@suyash1that’s okay if it will be both a slide, and how can I adjust the height and width from the blogpost after that on desktop version?
@suyash1 Thank you it has worked! do you happen to know how I can make it a slide on mobile version?  
@Sheesh_b password: hello12345!6
Hi all! How can I change the blogpost section to the center on the homepage and give is a background color? And is it possible to instead of having more blogposts next to eachother to have it in a carrousel way? 
@AvadaCommerce password: hello12345!6
Hi, The background colors of the Announcement bar, slideshow container and multicolumn section don't show up anymore, I think I might have deleted some css codes, how can I solve this? I want it to be like this again  And how can I solve this issue? ...
Hi, can someone help me out. I don’t know what I did but all the background color (from announcement bar, container background on banner, background color of columns) have disappeared en it’s now only white. it used to be like this    
@GavinChan hello12345!6
Hi! I’ve added a ‘new’ badge to some of my products but the products with that badge are coming up lower than the others. 
@ZestardTech  I have added it but it comes out like this
@ZestardTech Thank you!  password: hello12345!  
Hi! So I have added a 'new' badge to my products, but the products that have 2 badges are coming up lower than the other ones, how do I change this to have them aligned all on the same height? (Then the badges will be on top of the image instead of a...
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