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I would like to modify the add to cart button from the product template because I have multiple theme templates. I want to change "Add to cart" to something like "Ships within 1-5 business days" on the button for the specific products I have assigned...
  I've tried <input type="hidden" name="contact[Product Name]" value="{{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.title }}">I changed to product.selected_variant.title, product.selected_variant.id, product.selected_or_first_available_variant.id, a...
Hello, Is there a way to change a product to a specific theme template when the product sells out? For instance, instead of displaying a sold out tag on the image and sold out when you go to the product page, is there a way to switch to a theme templ...
Okay thanks for the help. Kazi solution does work but it removes it from all products not just the specific collection I want. Appreciate the help and I will keep looking into this. 
Hello, I've removed the price from the product page before the post but for the same product, it still shows the price on the search page and on home page and collection pages. That is the issue im facing. I don't want it to show anywhere if I alread...
There is no closing style tag in base.css right? It would be under the product template liquid?
Is it possible to do this for only a specific product template? I've created a couple and only want to hide the price on one of the product templates? I got it to hide on the product page but would like to hide the price of that collection on search ...
Hello, I created a form on a product page that accepts inputs from the customer and emails me the data when they submit the form. I manually created each input so that the customer will have to enter the data and that I will capture the data then sen...
I'm trying to figure out a way to make these images/products align better. This is on the dawn theme. The images aren't the same size which is where the problem stems from but I am unsure how to solve the problem. Is there a way to make the products ...
Hello, I have product theme templates created on my online store for the Supply theme and I am trying to transfer them to the Dawn theme as I'm trying to switch themes. Below are the theme templates I have.  I tried to create these templates on the d...
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