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I have approved "network access in checkout UI extensions," but I am still facing the same issue. I'm fed up. Now, I'll try with metafields.Note: Retrieving data from metafields during checkout is faster since it won't introduce an external network c...
I've reviewed the Shopify documentation, and it appears that there are limitations regarding Metafields values.Here's the link for reference: anyone else encountered a similar issue?...
Facing an issue with product discounts using the 'discountAutomaticAppCreate' mutation. When dealing with a large volume of JSON data within metafields, the discounts don't seem to apply.For example: const discount = { functionId, combinesWit...
Is it possible to create multiple discounts using the Shopify Functions Product Discount API? Currently, I'm using the Shopify Function for 'Volume Discount', but now I want to create a 'Buy X and Get Y' and 'Buy X and Get git' discount.https://shopi...
I think, Property 'ALL' does not exist on type 'DiscountApplicationStrategy'. Also in doc, we've two types "FIRST" and "MAXIMUM".Have you tried "DiscountApplicationStrategy" type "ALL"? @hagson 
Thanks for your reply, @Liam . I have tried to pass selectedCollectionIds as an array, but it's still not working.Let's say I have an output like the following in metadata:selectedCollectionIds: ["gid://shopify/Collection/123", "gid://shopify/Collect...
I'm currently facing an issue while trying to utilize input query variables within the index.js file in my Shopify function. Despite reviewing the documentation, I've been unable ...
Okay, thanks.But I think RestAPI will take some time. Because after loading the script tag then I hit an API after getting the response. I think it's an appropriate solution.Any other suggestions?
I’ve recently building the Shopify app and am stuck in the middle. I have loaded the script tag at the store and displayed the static data but how’d like to change the text and make it dynamic (like getting data from DB and loading JSON data in js fi...
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