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When we do the graphql mutation customerUpdate, if we do this request more than once with the same address, we get the "Address has already been taken" which is very weird because this started happening out of nowhere all of the sudden, this was work...
Hi! I have my shop integrated with TaxJar app but when I see the tax calculations made by Shopify and compare them with the numbers I get interacting with TaxJar api (for example:
I'm having the same error, also as @kunalwf mentioned, retrying usually solves it. It this the right approach? Just re-trying?
Thank you for your reply! This is happening interacting directly with the API programmatically. I think we already opted out of this new feature and the error keeps happening 
Hi everybody! We are having this new weird non determinist error when trying to complete a draftOrder calling the graphql mutation draftOrderComplete.This error started appearing out of the blue some weeks ago, we didn't change any code related to th...
REST API -> For line_items it's properties. For draftOder or order it's note_attributes.GRAPHQL API -> CustomAttributes in both casesLIQUID / email template: properties for the line items and attributes for the note_attributes.
Hi everybody! I have this question, when using the orders API fetching an order like this:https://***{orderId}.jsonIt returns in its data a link "order_status_url" and my question is how long does this link las...
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