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This works, sort of It needs a double click to update the price if the variant prices are different.It hides if the product price block is hidden Any solutions? 爛elin 
Hi Karim! Sounds amazing! Will this work if I want to create a form with fields tied to custom metafields on customer profiles? your demo shop wasn’t really working for me, so I had a hard time understanding what the app can do ☺️ thanks!
Hi, I am trying to create a quick order form that will be visible on the customer account page for specific wholesale customers. These are my issues:1. The Quantity selector does not work,  the add to cart button always adds just one of each product....
Hi! Google last crawled my site on Jan 29. So after you claim to have fixed it, and that was the first time I got the issue. Can you explain what cache it is that I should clear?  
Hi! This worked before, but with the latest update of Dawn it doesn't any more. Does anyone know of a solution?Thanks,Elin 
I'm having issues with this solution making Pages look odd on mobile. Any suggestions? 
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