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Bio: A Shopify Developer building in public Shopify themes from scratch. I love what I do and I’m willing to share it ❤️

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Haha it worked I can't believe I misspelled attachment to attachement in my params even though I'm using Typescript.
I'm trying to upload an image via the Shopify REST Admin API Product Image ressource but I always get this error: Also, the image is jpg 2048x2048 100kb compressed using Mozjpeg algorithme, the attachment URL has only the binary encoding it doesn't h...
Hey I didn't quiet understood what do you mean by: uploaded to email and their websiteI have made a video on how to upload a video to Shopify Recharge Theme, which is the same as Dawn theme, you can check it here:
Hi, if you want to increase the limit you need to add the header as rendered static section and not in your json template files like so:{%- section 'header' %} In all your layout files like theme.liquid etc
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