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{% assign productTags = product.tags %} {% if productTags contains "noquantity" %} <input class="quantity__input" type="hidden" name="quantity" id="Quantity-{{ section.id }}" min="1" ...
@PaulNewton sorry that didn't work for me, when I just put a max attribute to the original code, that works but I can't point to a specific Item. When i create a new template how can I use this then?
Hello everyone, I know many asked this question before but i'm still struggeling with that. I want to limit order quabtity to 1 for a specific product. I know I have to edit my code at this section:  <div class="product-form__input product-form__quan...
@cujaia22 can you pease tell wich theme you are using? I use Dawn and I can't find the right template?
Ok  thank you all, I found the code in base.css -> class .subtitle, changed the opacity of the color from 0.7 to 1.
Hello, I'm using the dawn theme and struggeling with a text color, in my Image banner. I can't figure out why the subtitle is grey! Do you have any idea where the error could be?
Thank @RonkyBest you for the helpful informations. Really appreciate that.
Hello everyone nice to meet you!I just started my store and I want to generate traffic. I want to target US audience, but for me living in germany is hard to get connections via facebook etc. What do you guys think is the best way to build connection...
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