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@Nick_Marketing Thank you, I added but it had no effect, also tried with an !important; tag but no change on frontend....
How can I add padding between Search and Cart on mobile? I've tried targeting .site-nav__icons, .fallback-text, etc. and none are having any effect on the these changes need to occur in Header.liquid rather than the theme's css? My URL ...
I found them in the header.liquid but unsure of which to change.
How can I replace the search, account and cart icons on my header to just text, no icons? My URL is
That worked perfectly! Thanks so much!
Is there any way to make my video hero section clickable to go to another page? Currently the only option is to add a button from within the section's settings, but I want the entire container clickable with no visible button, any help would be great...
Thanks so much, I put it at the bottom of the Theme.css which is why it wasn't working!
@AvadaCommerce Unfortunately that didn't do anything, I tried the same code previously from another thread. Could it be the header-wrapper that has a box shadow?
Sorry about that, my URL is
I'm looking to remove the very thin (1px?) grey bottom border or shadow which is at the bottom of my header, I tried targeting several different CSS classes but had no effect in removing it, see below: 
Thanks for your help @oscprofessional but unfortunately that doesn't seem to work, that code removes the padding from all homepage sections, it doesn't do anything to scale the image to full height...
Currently I'm using a landscape image for my hero section in a "Image with text overlay" widget, while this fills out the desktop view nicely (full height and width) it does not scale properly on mobile. The image only scales to fill the width on mob...
@RyanPhillips Hi Ryan, that code actually removed both the text and the icons entirely, I'm specifically just looking to remove the text "Account" and "Cart" but keep the icons. Thanks for your help!
I'm looking to remove the Account and Cart text and only show the icons themselves on Desktop view, was wondering if there was a simple CSS fix for this. Here's a screenshot for example, URL is  
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