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Hi, when I share my website and it embeds the logo it comes out transparent. I think it's because I am using the png. I have a jpg with a white background but what section do I upload it in? Thank you!   
@suyash1 is there a recommended size?
@AvadaCommerce @suyash1 (pw: crayld)
Hi All, Anyone know if its possible to standardize product images without having to constantly resize? My catalogue page looks like a mess. Dawn theme. Here is an example.
Thank you @Sheesh_b . This worked perfectly. One more question. Is there a way to get the text to move up to the picture no matter the sizing? See attached picture for example where the spacing is off. If that cannot be done, do you have an alternati...
Thank you for the replay! Do I add it to the end or replace the code? When I added it to the end it came up with an error about line 1650
Hello, I am using dawn theme. Site is heavily WIP. (pw: crayld)I would like to:1. Move my product descriptions under the pictures (keeping payment opti...
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