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Unfortunately, I am unable to copy the ad link. I only have the screenshot  
It is working fine on mobile, but it does show on dark mode when you click on it from an ad. Example: Instagram ad. If your phone's dark mode is switched on and you click on the Instagram ad, the whole website will adjust to dark mode too.
Sorry I am using a country blocker, could you try again now? I disabled it.
Yes, I had a look at the thread before, but it is doesn't solve the problem. He is saying it has to do with phone settings but it does't make sense. I never came across a website that changes its background colors as per device settings. I am checkin...
I am not using and never used any app.  Have a look at the image. It changes automatically because I have dark mode on my device. 
Can anyone please help me disable this automatic dark mode on my Shopify dawn! I am losing sales because of this automatic feature. I need it turned off. I just figured that when a potential customer with Dark Mode on their phone clicks on my ads and...
Hello, I hope someone can help me with this as I haven't found a thread talking about this issue!When I open my website, I see a huge black check mark on the screen and it lasts for about a second before content loads, the store is set on DAWN 2.0 an...
Thanks a lot for your reply! Could you help me make name, phone number and message required along with email?I have also noticed that shipping form at checkout fields are all optional and not mandatory. 
How to make contact fields required and not optional?
WORKED LIKE MAGIC! Thanks a lot!!!
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