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We have customers abandoning an item in their cart and when they receive the abandoned cart it has gone from 1 of the item to 6. If they follow the email link there are 6 of that item in the basket. If they go back to the website and look at their ca...
Is it because there is no mechanism to contact Shopify about the product. They just send you to the 'community' so that they don't have to deal with it. 
Karlijill I was told by Shopify Support the the Developer from Shopify 'hang out' here. they just don't seem to answer many questions or offer solutions. Still waiting Alex 
Why can't you add a price column to the product page so that to check selling prices you wouldn't need to click into every product. If any of the developers actually used a Shopify website in the real world this would have been added ages ago. Ideall...
No we didn't but as far as I can tell the Developer don't even seem to look at issues posted on here! 
The update to the search bar in the admin panel is a real pain. When you search you get in:All appear in the search bar. It being there makes is so much harder to the type the next search. This is the same in Products, Orders etc.   What is the point...
Did you manage to get the price on the admin produce page? I am looking to do this as well. Alex 
We were looking for a card number we could use on an existing subscription order, going through Recharge, that would cause a declined card when Recharge process the order. 
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