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You can add a metafield to the respective type (product/collection/blog/page)Go to Settings > Metafields > [respective type] > Add definitionName: Hide from XML Sitemap Namespace and key: seo.hiddenContent type: IntegerHit Save Go to the asset type y...
If you are referring to disabling the search feature in Dawn 3.0.0, you can do that in the editor.   Header -> Header settings -> Uncheck 'Enable Search' No code changes needed
Hi there, Apologies if this was asked before.  Is there any performance hit using {% style %} vs asset_url | stylesheet_tag filter?  Or vice versa?
This is a standard Dawn installation with no custom code.  Is there a setting in the online store editor where I can toggle cart notifications?
Thanks for looking into this, is there a non-app approach?  Or snippet of codes we can install?
Currently the site is in stealth-mode.  However, I am using the default Dawn theme with zero custom codes.  Any coding direction would be greatly appreciated
Hi, I am using Dawn 3.0.0.  In the product page, I have a list of add-on products in checkboxes.  How can I add multiple items to the cart after the customer clicked on 'Add to Cart'? Thanks!
Hi, I am using Dawn 3.0.0.  How do you disable cart notification?  Ideally, if the customers are on the product page, I would like them to go straight to /cart after clicking 'Add to Cart' Thank you for your help!
Hi there, Newbie in the forum and apologies if this is the wrong topic to post this Does anyone know if there's official documentation relating to Dawn's grid system?  I noticed the grid classes are slightly different Debut.  Thank you for the assist...
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